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Some impressions from students - B.I.S.S. 2018 


Chang Lei“One of the most important things I gained here is friendship and good communication, from which I learned different approaches in architectural and other disciplines' education and working methods. The second thing is the great awareness of communication, which now I believe is the most powerful tool an architect would have, and the specialty of my discipline architecture.” – Chang Lei (KADK)



Laura Eckermann

“For me it was a very enriching experience to work together in a group with four totally different characters, professional backgrounds and nationalities. It was challenging to find a way to bring together all of our ideas and to find a common language to represent our project for the final presentation. With our artistic work, a method that none of us used before, we succeeded in the end.” – Laura Eckermann (HCU)



Ahmad Abdul Sater

“My participation in the BISS gave me the chance to learn more about myself and how difficult it could be to get to know people from different countries and indeed different cultures. Working in an interdisciplinary team exposed the challenges in corporation but also the possibilities to use each other’s strengths.” – Ahmad Abdul Sater (Chalmers)




Andrea Esquivel

“Today’s world is marked by urban flows, migration, international cooperation, and more. As students we need to embrace every opportunity that leads us to a better understanding of the world, the city and ourselves. The BISS offered a new set on how to tackle challenges in front of us through an inclusive and participatory challenge, urban transitions.” – Andrea Esquivel (Aalto)




Ilia Levashev

“The BISS has completely changed me. Before BISS I wasn`t flexible enough, but I`ve got new EQ skills that helped me in work.” – Ilia Levashev (ITMO)





Aleksandra Janusz

“I definitely found out many new references and inspirational designs during that time that expand my thinking. I see now how my ideas become more creative and future times considering. I'm becoming more open to changes in urban planning, engineering inventions and I’m starting connect it with architecture. I can surely say that cooperation with others disciplines in projects can be the answer for many urban, social and economic issues.” – Aleksandra Janusz (GUT) 



Rikke Schack Jespersen

“Professionally I learned to co-operate with people with another professional background. I learned to listen to their ideas and use their professional knowledge to make my ideas and work better. I also learned the difficulties of interdisciplinary work, for example explaining technical things to others. I learned how to interact with people from other universities both professionally and personally. Personally the key note speeches and food for the day taught me that you can use your education in many different ways, which was really inspiring.” – Rikke Schack Jespersen (DTU)