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BISS 2018

The motto "think the link“ indicates the interdisciplinary approach searching for ties and correlation between experiences, cultures, cities and objects of the built environment. The area east of Hamburg´s city center, in particular around the high-speed infrastructural joint "Billhorner Brückenstraße / Billhorner Röhrendamm“ will be the stage for the topic 2018 "Beyond Urban Flows - Architecture and Engineering for Transition Places“.

The project groups are asked to deal with the development of this specific area with a high importance for Hamburg: entrance to the city and at the same time a high density of major infrastructural elements. The main question to be addressed here are how such transition places can be re-shaped, in a mid and long-erm perspective, in order to bring to them more inner-city life qualities; how this area can become more attractive to pedestrians; how borders and limitations can be overcome? Within the workshop potentials and effects will be explored on all four levels: technical, functional, aesthetical and social. Thus, not only challenges typical for Hamburg will be addressed, but also parallels and the transferability of solutions to the other harbor cities from the Baltic Sea Region will be sought.


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BISS 2018