Erasmus+ Stategic Partnerships
BeInterBaltic – Intersections in built environment
promoting interdisciplinary higher education in the Baltic Sea Region



Mentor GionatanGionatan Vignola (HCU)

Gionatan is a PhD student at HCU, having studied Architecture and Design in Switzerland and India, Resource Efficiency in Architecture and Planning (REAP) and Innovation Management in Germany. His research focuses on passive adaptive strategies for climate responsive buildings that can be used in hot, arid climates.


Jan Suchorzewski (GUT)

Jan is a PhD student at GdaƄsk University of Technology in Civil Engineering. His research is focused on multi-scale experimental study of concrete properties. Moreover he runs numerical studies on micro-mechanics influence on macroscopic material fracture. In addition, Jan is involved in infrastructure, planning and participation projects in Gdynia Downtown district council. 


Mentor JoannaJoanna Wojtas (GUT)

Joanna is a PhD student at GUT, following a Master degree in Civil Engineering and a Master’s in Architecture. Her research is focussed on wood architecture constructed in log systems. Currently she is a member of the research team in project: “Geometric – strength analysis of historical carpentry joints”.


Karl Eriksson (Chalmers)

Karl's research focuses on housing and transformation of the contemporary European city, and how the process of regeneration affects cities. He also works for Karakusevic Carson Architects for social housing projects in London.



Mentor KirstenKirsten David (HCU)

Kirsten is a PhD student at HCU, having studied Architecture at HaW with a focus on urban planning. She is developing an instrument for the proper application of the right to a rent increase after an energetic refurbishment in German tenancy law.


Markus Hudert (Aalto)

Markus' research focuses on material & assembly driven design strategies, and experimental & innovative timber structures, bridging the gap between architectural & structural design, and digital & analog design environments. He recently co-taught design studios on advanced performative building envelopes and timber construction.


Mentor NannaNanna Brøgger Larsen (DTU)

Nanna is a PhD student at the DTU, with background in Architectural Engineering, specialising in sustainability in the built environment and HVAC. Her research focuses in the integration of sustainability in the built environment and in an engineering consultancy organisation.


Mentor TeodorTeodor Petrov (KADK)

Teodor is a PhD student at KADK, while working for GXN 3XN Architect & Robotics Specialist. His research focuses in Architecture & Computation & Cybernetics. He pursues Architecture which is responsive and adaptive to the needs of the occupant and the external environmental conditions; Architecture as a system capable to adaptation and response and interaction with the user.


Mentor VeronikaVeronika Petrova (KADK)

Veronika is a PhD student at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (KADK) and she is a qualified Architect in Architecture and Extreme Environments. Her research focuses on the exchange between shelter and climate, development of ideas that improve resourcefulness of disaster shelters to become innovative site-specific and resilient constructions, in support of reversing climate change.


Viktorija Prilenska (TUT) 

Viktorija Prilenska is an architect and urban planner with practical and academic experience in both fields. Currently she is a Doctoral candidate at Tallinn University of Technology, researching the application of games for public engagement in urban and regional planning.